Brand and culture must be an interconnected strategy that serves as an inspiring purpose and call to action for your employees and future talent.

Today, an aligned culture is an organisation’s most critical driver of competitive advantage.



Organisations that nurture communities of shared purpose, beliefs and behaviours enjoy higher employee engagement, retention, stronger customer relationships, and better business outcomes.

Brand is culture. Culture is brand.

Culture is

how you do it

Strategy sets the direction and captures the why

Experience is what you do

Building culture is about continuous improvement and change. It’s not about striving for perfection.

Building culture must take a pragmatic and humane approach

Nurture change

Be practical

Use targeted interventions


Start small and scale

Build daily habits

We work with leaders and teams to facilitate a culture that unlocks your organisation’s potential.


We use brand as the means to provide clarity and focus to build toward a desired culture.

We recently conducted a study to explore how unicorns harness culture as a driver of their performance.


Unicorns are former start-ups that have been valued at US$1B+ within the first 5-10 years of their lives. They’ve disrupted industries, grown at breakneck speed – but most importantly, they’ve understood the importance of culture in building their brands.

10 unicorns across EMEA took part in the study

HQ: Paris, France
Founded: 2006
Valued at USD 1.6B

HQ: Madrid, Spain
Founded: 2011
Valued at USD 1.4B

HQ: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2012
Valued at USD 2B+ (‘18)
Acquired for USD 3.1B (‘19)

HQ: Paris, France
Founded: 2012
Valued at USD 2B

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria
Founded: 2012
Market cap of USD 1.8B

HQ: Paris, France
Founded: 2016
Valued at USD 1B

HQ: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2013
Valued at USD 3.5B

HQ: London, UK
Founded: 2011
Valued at USD 3.5B

HQ: Luqa, Malta
Founded: 2004
Valued at USD 2.5B

HQ: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 1982
Market cap of USD 6B+

Find out how they leveraged their culture to drive their success, and how you can apply key principles within your own organisation. Scroll down to download the white paper

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About Landor

Landor helps its clients use brand to drive business transformation.

We believe that brand is the most vital tool to help companies meet the pressing challenges in today’s rapidly changing world: cultural transformation, differentiated customer experience, and tech-enabled innovation.

We have been using insights and imagination to help our clients grow for 76 years, across 26 offices in 19 countries, working with a broad range of world-famous brands across many industries. Clients include Barclays, Bayer, BP, Diageo, FedEx, Google, Huawei, JPMorgan, Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz, Procter & Gamble, Squarespace, and Tata.

Landor is part of WPP, the world’s largest marketing and communications firm. For more information, please visit Landor.com and follow Landor on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • 360-degree brand experience

  • Agile adaptation


  • Brand architecture & portfolio optimization

  • Brand & digital strategy

  • Brand management & governance

  • Brand purpose


  • Customer journey


  • Culture & engagement

  • E-commerce & direct-to-consumer

  • Innovation & Opportunity mapping

  • Insights & Analytics


  • Motion design

  • Naming & Brand voice


  • Service design


  • Smart packaging & activation

  • Sound design

Our approach


Culture Assessment

Understand the gaps between culture and business strategy and establish a benchmark measure for tracking progress

Behaviour Pulse

Quickly identify the behaviours that will drive action within your organisation or team

Future Cast

Engage and align leaders in creating a new organisational or team culture


Brand Behaviours

Rapidly defines and articulates the critical behaviours that unlock potential and growth

Catalyst Sessions

Workshops to facilitate change, challenge assumptions, disrupt processes, and improve leader and team outcomes

  • Leadership focus
  • Management focus
  • Frontline focus
Change Narrative

Develop an employee-focused story of the planned journey from where you are to where you need to be


OX Lab

Re-engineers key aspects of the customer (CX) and organisational (OX) experience through the lens of brand

Culture Compass

Implement new experiences through induction programs, stories, symbols, and rituals that create a sense of belonging, strengthen connection, and elevate excitement


Design workplace environments and optimise ways of working to enable growth